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The team embraced the challenge of transforming a kitchen into a spacious and welcoming space. A comprehensive approach was taken to reimagine the space, involving the removal of a deck and a side entry, allowing the creation of a kitchen culinary utility and beauty.

The expansion was not only about square footage but about fostering an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. The removal of outdoor elements paved the way for a more expansive kitchen layout. Strategic built-ins were introduced to enhance organization and provide a seamless blend of style and utility. The addition of a new fireplace mantle not only became a focal point but also gave an element of coziness, transforming the kitchen into the heart of the home.

The design was underlined by clean and distinct color choices, contributing to the creation of a beautiful end product. Each element, from the layout to the built-ins and the fireplace mantle, was thoughtfully selected to fit with the client's vision and the practical needs of a modern kitchen.

A collaborative project with BDS Design

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