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This is where dreams are transformed into brick-and-mortar reality. Our construction process is a seamless blend of artistry and precision, crafted to bring your vision to life with meticulous attention to detail. From your initial consultation to the finishing touches, we guide you through every step, ensuring transparency, clear communication, and a collaborative approach.

Modern kitchen Ebersole Construction Residential Contractor in Beverly, MA

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Modern Kitchen Ebersole Construction Residential Contractor in Beverly, MA
Modern House New Construction Ebersole Construction Residential Contractor in Beverly, MA
Renovation Exterior Ebersole Construction Residential Contractor in Beverly, MA

1. Contact

You can contact us directly, or have your architect get in touch with us about a project. From here, we'll seek to fully understand your project goals and schedule a site meeting for a walk-thru.

2. Consult

This is where we do a walkthrough of the site, and get a full description of all the work to be performed. At this phase, we can further discuss different layout/design options and materials/finishes to be used. In most cases, we will perform a site visit with a few subcontractors so they can properly price out the project.

3. Plan

Within two weeks, Ebersole Construction will provide you with a free line item bid/cost estimate. This document will include a full description of the work, a schedule for work completion, and a payment plan. Once accepted, we will provide you with a contract and address any questions or concerns you may have.

4. Construction

Once both parties agree on the project direction and the contract has been signed, we place your project on the schedule. During the entire construction process, we will be in daily and weekly communication with you to ensure you are fully involved in each step of the project.  


The bid and contract will have a payment plan based on percentages of project completion. At regular intervals and once these thresholds are met, Ebersole Construction will bill for progress payments, with full accounting of all past and future payments.


As the project progresses, all changes to the initial bid will be dealt with in the form of change orders. These will be fully communicated and submitted to the customer for approval before any work begins.



As the project is reaching its completion, we will perform several walk-throughs with the customer to ensure all items have been addressed to your satisfaction. The final payment will only be due once all permits are closed and the punch list has been completed.



The industry standard, as directed by the state of Massachusetts, is a one-year warranty.  We go above and beyond providing a three-year warranty on our workmanship. 

5. Post-Construction

With so much of our work being word of mouth, we take customer relationships very seriously. A good portion of our work is repeat customers or working for friends and families of past customers. Our promise is to go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with the project in every way. After the project is completed, we will stay in touch as needed to make sure the project is functioning well.


Ebersole Construction built our beach house in Rockport. They did an amazing job! Even through very difficult weather conditions on the waterfront...

...Andre kept his time schedule. He and his crew were always responsive to concerns. If there was a problem, the communication was open and it would be resolved in a manner agreeable to both parties. Andre worked with town government, architects, utility companies and subcontractors very well. The beach house was finished on time with quality workmanship. We have no reservation to highly recommend Ebersole Construction for even the most challenging and complex project.

M & K Martinez in Rockport, MA

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