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Ebersole Constructions excels in the creation of spaces bringing family together. Where ambiance meets luxurious finishes combined with unique storage solutions, it's everyone's favorite room in the house!

My experience working with Andre Ebersole and Ebersole Construction has been positive through multiple renovation projects in our home... 

...Andre and crew are always respectful of our family needs. There’s often a balancing act between family needs and project demands in multi-week home renovation projects. Andre is duly considerate and accommodating around changes in our schedule. I’ve additionally been happy with an open and ongoing communication around project parameters when work is in progress. Andre is always responsive to my phone and e-mail queries. Overall we’ve been pleased with the quality of work carried out in our home. In one instance, the end product for a tiling subcontractor did not meet our expectations. To his credit, Andre is no longer working with that sub contractor. Andre has repeatedly proved himself as a “can-do” problem solver when unanticipated obstacles arise on the job. Once a job is underway, Andre and crew have stayed on task, and job completion has generally been within the expected time frame. I can most definitely recommend Ebersole Construction to area families with home renovation plans in mind. We’re launching project #5 (or is it #6?) with Andre and crew next week!

Nancy L. in Gloucester, MA

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