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The Dormer House underwent a remarkable metamorphosis gaining dimension, comfort and sophistication. A 40-foot front dormer was introduced, not merely expanding space but redefining the very essence of its architectural identity.

The two front bedrooms on the second floor were generously elevated in size, becoming havens of luxury. These refined spaces were adorned with crafted built-ins, transforming them into sanctuaries of both style and practicality.

The journey of enhancement extended beyond the bedrooms. A first-floor home office emerged as a contemporary cornerstone, blending with the existing layout. Walk-in closets were designed to add to the living experience and functionality.The second-floor bathroom underwent a thoughtful expansion. Every square inch was carefully considered.

The exterior of the Dormer House received an upgrade, with a sleek metal roof crowning the structure. A fresh coat of paint breathed new life into the home. The culmination of these elements transformed the Dormer House into a visual masterpiece, a testament to the collaboration of form and function.

A collaborative project with Breuker Design

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