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A transformation giving both elegance and functionality. This home with its enchanting coastal landscape, embarked on a journey of revitalization and expansion, elevating its allure and functionality. The metamorphosis began with the meticulous removal of the existing roof, the third-floor gable end walls.

Our skilled team orchestrated the construction of a new roof, elevating it by 3 feet to capture the essence of the New England views. A thoughtfully designed dormer was introduced, giving a beautiful ecstatic to a third-floor master suite. This retreat includes a private bathroom and two generously sized closets.

To infuse an extra layer of sophistication, extensive built-in furniture was seamlessly integrated. From custom closet organizers to inviting window seats, a dedicated home office and a built-in bed. Each element was meticulously crafted, providing a seamless blend of style and utility.

The exterior received a complete rejuvenation, with new windows and siding breathing new life into the structure. The floors refinished to perfection. The entire home received a fresh coat of paint, ensuring that the residence not only stands as a testament to refined taste but the home also complements the picturesque landscape of the North Shore seamlessly.

A collaborative project with BDS Design

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